20 Exercises to Train Your Brain

  1. Use your hand watch on the opposite side
  2. Walk backwards, when you are in your house.
  3. Get dressed with your eyes closed
  4. Stimulate your tongue with different foods and new flavors
  5. Read and/or look at pictures backwards.Concentrate on little details, which you have never seen before
  6. Put the clock in front of a mirror to see the time backwards
  7. Change the mouse of your computer to the opposite side
  8. Write or brush your teeth using your other hand
  9. When you go to work or school, take a different rout
  10. Introduce small changes in your daily habits, making them into challenges for your brain
  11. Skim through a magazine and look for a photograph that catches your attention. Then think of 25 adjectives that you think might describe the picture or the main topic of it.
  12. When you go to a restaurant, try to identify the ingredients of the dish you choose, and concentrate on the most detailed flavors.
  13. When you enter to a crowded place, try to calculate (guess) how many people there are on your right and then your left.  Look at the decoration details and all the things you see with your eyes closed
  14. Select a phrase from a book and try to form a different and new phrase, using the same words.
  15. Play a different game that you have never played before
  16. Buy a new puzzle and try to put the pieces together correctly, as fast as you can. Repeat the exercise to see your speed progress.
  17. Try to memorize the groceries list (the supermarket list)
  18. Consult the dictionary and learn a new word everyday. Then, try to use them in your daily conversations.
  19. Listen to the radio and watch TV when you wake up (or have time). Later, make a list with the most important words you learnt
  20. When you read a word, think other five words that Start with the same letter.


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